Travellers from the USA enjoy their short Foray into the Country

Travellers from the USA enjoy their short Foray into the Country

There were kangaroos galore for a recent AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY TOURS tour group from the US.

‘Kangaroos in the wild’ were all they wanted to see; and they got them by the dozen just a short drive from Dalby in Queensland, Australia.

They got plenty more of the Australian Outback experience as well, and that included a super-friendly welcome, delicious home-cooked food and legendary hospitality. At just 2 ½ hours west of Brisbane they entered the ‘other’ Australian world of The Bush where AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY TOURS created an experience of a lifetime for them.

Yes, they saw kangaroos in their natural habitat. Family groups of 20 and more ‘roos watched them from a safe distance in the scrub and did all the right things – shaping up to box, hopping about, nursing their young from the pouch, casually eating. Galahs and colourful parrots noisily flew in at sunset for their nightly roost. The cameras went ballistic.

The visitors were taken to a local farm where they dined alfresco right next to a paddock of newly-planted sorghum. White linen tablecloths and discreet mood lighting set a stylish scene under a cupola of wild storm clouds. All was wide open spaces and night sounds with a frisky wind off a nearby storm.

A half-moon occasionally lit the happy scene from above. The Southern Cross made a cameo appearance late in the evening.

The fare was local feedlot rib fillet barbecued to perfection by host Robert and served up with fresh local vegetables. There was pavlova (of course!) prepared by hostess Jane and a carton of EXTREMELY popular Australian wines that made for a truly raucous and memorable evening.

The guests only had an overnight stay but after a breakfast of sumptuous local fruit salad, glazed local ham & eggs and – as a concession to American tastes – pancakes and maple syrup – the group swore to return and repeat the perfection of their carefully-crafted AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY TOURS Outback experience.

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Monday, 08 January 2018
“I have travelled all over the world, but no one comes close to your hospitality. Well done.”
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