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"Hospitality above and beyond."

December 2017 - from Pen of North Coast

"Hello Jane and Robert..!!

We have all landed safely back in the States and are still in awe of the fabulous time we had with you!

It was truly a magical evening full of harmony and good juju! Watching the rain move for us and clouds part for us just put the ribbon on the whole gift of life.

Thank you for sharing your home and lives with us. We will certainly spread the word and some of us will be back :-)

Love to all and have a peaceful holiday season and fruitful new year."

November 2017 - from Tiff of Colorado

"...Having finished the 2016 Danish Farmers Tour and been informed that they have arrived safely back in Denmark to some very ordinary and cold weather, as well as having today sent Lone and her husband Ole of to NZ with another group (39) Danes for sightseeing, we (Adventure Holidays, Lone, Steen, Ehlen and myself) would like to express our sincere thanks to you both for all the work you have done culminating in us being able to meet some very nice, interesting and indeed hospitable people on the Darling Downs, and when Kerry gets back from the tennis and meet with you, I am sure that he will agree that we had a very successful and enjoyable trip.

It was full on, and should there be another group of farmers coming at a later stage we will have to do a few changes and allow more time for the Queensland part.

The feed-back from the Danes was very positive, so much so that they felt having been able to see a very broad spectrum of the Australian agricultural scene.

Thanks again to you both"

January 2016 - from Bent Danish Farmers’ Tour

Hi Jane, I would just like to touch base with you, and thank you very much for organising the tour of the Danish Farmers. I believe that they found our factory most interesting, and we were very proud to be able to showcase our products to them all. We hope that they went away having a good and memorable experience with us.

It was also a great pleasure to meet Kerry Lonergan from the very respected ABC series Landline. I would like to extend our appreciation to Kerry also. Would you possibly have his contact details, so that I can thank him from all of us here at Dingo.

Thank you so much Jane once again for organising the tour.

- from Tania Horrigan

"Hi Jane! Thank You for your fantastic Work in Dalby.

We are still every day talking about our visit. they talk about your breakfast under the roof.

And I tell them that you are the big organiser on this tour - for dinner, lunch and Bowenwille PUB

Also thank you to your husband and son."

January 2015 - Lone of Adventure Holidays
Dalby is a comfortable 2.5 hour drive from Brisbane or 3 hours from the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. Brisbane domestic and international airports are approximately 3 hours travel by car. The Wellcamp Airport at Toowoomba is just 45 minutes by car.

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